About Us

The Ejax Team

Ejax Water Systems is a full service water treatment and conditioning company that has been servicing the community since 1975. We hold the patent on the Ejax Water Treatment System that uses an environmentally friendly process to inhibit scale in pipes and reduce salts and contaminants such as chlorine from your water with a one-pass, inline catalyst system that makes wetter water. Ejax is the only licensed plumbing contractor in California with their own patent on a proven, safe, water treatment and we specialize in water quality and corrosion control, not just plumbing.

With proper use of our treatment system, you can avoid costly re-piping and replacement in your home and business.

Joseph A. Kump

Founder and President of Ejax Water System

He patented trademarked and developed Ejax Water System company for future water problems in residential, commercial and agricultural application.

He was convinced that chemical additives and total re-piping were not the only or best answer for common water problems and has offered our clean, patented Ejax Water Treatment System to the public.


Don "Donnie" Hall

V.P. Sales and Operations

Donnie has been with Ejax Water Systems for over 30 years and is a key player in the growth of our company. He is a fully licensed plumbing contractor that still regularly prefers his "hands-on" approach by making personal visits to our customers ensuring the best of service.

Our Philosophy

Ejax uses our patented catalytic system to bring a clean, environmentally friendly solution to many problems in plumbing and agriculture. We pride ourselves on our honesty and will tell our customers how-it-is.



Please call and arrange an inspection of your current water source and your usage for us to make an estimate on a system that would work for your needs. 714-530-5700 or 888-438-3529.

Our Mission

No water treatment out there is an instant cure all. In some cases, it took years for calcium deposits to collect in the ground at agriculture producing fields and it will take time for Ejax Wetter Waterâ„¢ to break up the calcium and salts in the ground and drive the minerals below the level of the crops roots. But we have had the fields of our clients tested by independent laboratories and proven that our system does improve the soil without raising ph or requiring acids to be placed on their fields.

If a pipe has 80% of its volume restricted by calcium deposits from years of accumulation, our system will not be able to dissolve the rock hard deposits in the restricted water flow. Our system is designed to inhibit calcium deposits from forming inside pipes and appliances as a preventative system and will often dissolve minor build ups over time. Water treated by the Ejax Water Treatment System becomes Wetter Waterâ„¢ which will rinse soaps better, leaving clothes with less soap residue.

No matter how well cared for, items break down. We have had customers that have had a small section of pipe in their house crack and leak and were told by the plumber they called that the entire house needed to be re-piped when only a three foot section needed to be replaced. We have a master plumber on staff who oversees the installation and servicing of our systems and can identify and correct almost any plumbing problem.

Our mission is the opposite of your typical plumber, we try to prevent repairs from being needed while a typical plumber makes the majority of his profit from recommended repairs. We have even had plumbers tell our customers that our system does not work or even harms the plumbing to get the customer to remove the system because they know that our system means less repairs down the road.


Please call and arrange an inspection of your current water source and your usage for us to make an estimate on a system that would work for your needs. 714-530-5700 or 888-438-3529.