Laundromats are an investment in time and equipment. The anti corrosion and scale inhibiting properties of our Ejax Water Treatment System is ideal for these businesses.

Our system is Clean, it's Green and it works!

Calcium build up in a building's plumbing is the number one reason for the need for re-piping. Our patented system uses a catalytic process that changes the hard calcite calcium into a soft aragonite calcium that will not build up scale in your plumbing, water heaters or appliances. The Ejax System protects your investment in your plumbing so that you have fewer leaks and less down time.

Water treated with our system is safe for human consumption with no added salts or other harmful chemicals to obtain the benefits of our system. Our system produces small amounts of magnesium hydroxide to stabilize chlorine in the water and negative ions to make "wetter water" that rinses soaps and detergents better. One of our customers, a professional laundry service, took clothes rinsed with Ejax treated water and clothes that were not and placed then in clean water. The clothes not rinsed with water treated by the Ejax System produced a noticeable amount of suds while the clothes rinsed by the Ejax System treated water did not. And better rinsing means cleaner clothes.

We are an alternative to a water softener. We don't remove calcium but change it to a soft form that will not build up in your plumbing. Water softeners require large amounts of water to flush into your wastewater due to regeneration. Since our system does not require this, less water is wasted. A typical 300 pound water softener would need to be serviced in-house requiring the monthly purchase (from $136 to $208 for example) and storage of the potassium chloride (water quality agencies are promoting potassium chloride in water softeners over sodium chloride. Legislators have proposed bills to have only potassium chloride used in all water softeners) needed to fill the brine tank. Our technicians service our customers units for a flat monthly fee based on the size of the unit producing a savings in labor. And if any problems occur with the Ejax Treatment Unit, we repair the unit for no additional fee. We remain in contact with our clients to make sure the unit operates efficiently and that we pay attention to our customers needs which has kept us in business for over 30 years.

Ejax Water Treatment is not a Water Softener

There are some questions being asked about the comparison of the Ejax Water Treatment System to any water softener, commercial or home.

Our patented system uses pure physics to obtain its benefits without taking other elements out of water and replacing them with other components. Showering with water treated by our system gives a less "sticky" feeling. Drinking water is better tasting throughout home or business.

Cost of operation is lower. There is no harmful EPA impact, no hazardous materials and no excessive power use (in fact our Wetter Water produced by our treatment has been known to reduce the load on water pumps). Our system promotes healthy agriculture and protects plumbing. For those who ask why, it's because our system is clean, it's Green and it works!

So if you are looking for something that does work without adding salts or the use of "magic" devices, give us a call.

We are your reliable alternative for better water.


Ejax Water Treatment System


Water Softener

Eliminates water discharge from self cleaning


Water softeners waste as much as 300 to 1000 gallons to back flush brine water into the local water waste, increasing costs for waste treatment.

Eliminates the additions of salts to water and waste


Water softeners use salts to clean themselves and discharges the brine solution into the sewers.

Water from an Ejax System can be used for plants, drinking and everything as it is a very Green system


Water treated by a water softener can not be used on plants due to the harmful effects of salts and is not necessarily good for drinking.

Ejax Water Treatment System protects internal plumbing systems


There are some proponents that say water softeners protect pipes by removing calcium while others state that the salts add to corrosive effects. The jury is still out if this helps plumbing.

Environmentally friendly. No added salts or harmful chemicals


In 2009, the California Legislature passed assembly bill 1366 with guidelines regarding water softeners aimed to reduce salts and wasted water. Enforcement is handled by local water agencies and often include additional sewer fees for brine discharge and permit fees for new installations.

Ejax Water Treatment System's Wetter Water does better at rinsing laundry of soap residue and particulates, requiring less soap to do the job.


Whether a water softener is better for clothes washing or not has proponents on both sides of the issue.


Please call and arrange an inspection of your current water source and your usage for us to make an estimate on a system that would work for your needs. 714-530-5700 or 888-438-3529.