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Agriculture Wetter Water

Reduce water consumption by up to 50% while reducing alkalinity in the soil and increasing growth. Dark green, healthy plants, means more produce.

Scale & Corrosion Control

1,000 HP steam boiler uses no chemicals for 11 years with Ejax system installed.Read More →

Boilers, Plumbing No Longer Problems for Management Team

John McGann became a believer in Ejax Magnesium Water Systems 17 years ago ..... Read More →

California 6 Motels Growing with Ejax

Three signs on the left can be seen just south of the Pomona Freeway at the Seventh Street exit .....Read More →

Modern Coverall & Uniform Supply Goes to Ejax

Larry Liel, who wears many management caps at Modern Coverall & Uniform Supply in Norwalk has had seven successful years with Ejax Water Conditioning.Read More →

Ejax In The Home ... Best Thing Since Cotton Candy

When we ask Jewel Hoggatt of Garden Grove how she felt about Ejax conditioned water in her home, she said, "I'm tickled to death with it It's the best thing since cotton candy."Read More →


"The Ejax System makes my water work. No smell and no salts. I can't understand why everybody doesn't have it"
Kris S., Stoneyford, CA







Please call and arrange an inspection of your current water source and your usage for us to make an estimate on a system that would work for your needs. 714-530-5700 or 888-438-3529.