"On the saving of water and labor alone, it pays for itself. It reduces the sodium in the water. I tested it myself. And my avocado trees look great."
A.C., Avocado farmer in Valley Center, CA

"It's great on my grapes. Lowers the sodium count to almost nothing. It saves me a fortune."
F. D., Grape farm owner in Oakley, CA

"I haven't used acid in over nine years since I began using Ejax on my citrus trees. It does work."
Greg H. in Visalia, CA

"It's clean, it's green and it really works."
Rae W., Citrus grower in Woodlake, CA


These are true remarks from growers, farmers and owners of properties or their home whom have used our Ejax Water Treatment System for more than five years. A number of our original customers when we began in the 1970's are still with us. Many of them have tried acids, gypsum, etc. with little success.

When asking permission to use their testimonials in our web site or other publications, many declined because it was their "secret weapon" to their success in growing superior crops to their competitors.

We have been in business for over 30 years under the same owner at our original location. Businesses don't last that long unless they are doing something right. We believe and support our system and aim to satisfy our customers. That simple policy is the secret to our success. So give us a call if you are interested in better water and saving some money.


Please call and arrange an inspection of your current water source and your usage for us to make an estimate on a system that would work for your needs. 714-530-5700 or 888-438-3529