Christmas Tree Farms

Ejax Water Systems has been helping our customers that manage Christmas tree farms continue the family tradition of a fresh Christmas pine for the holiday with our patented water treatment that produces healthier and greener groves.

Our catalytic system is placed at your water source or well head to provide constant in-line treatment to your irrigation systems without the use of magnets or other unproven methods.

Ejax Wetter Water breaks down hard calcium salts and allows better penetration of the soil for deeper watering and carrying fertilizer and other nutrients to the roots while reducing scale on sprinklers, drippers and pipes. With deeper penetration, there is less standing water to stress the plants and better penetration of nutrients means less fertilizers and watering are required .

Make hard water work harder for you .pdf

The Ejax Water System adds magnesium hydroxide and negative ions which are important to plant growth. Our Wetter Water also chelates the iron in the soil and reduces the effects of sodium bicarbonates on plants and trees.

The benefits of the Ejax Water System produces healthier trees so they last longer on display and better retain their leaves. Please visit these fine locations for your holiday tree.


Stanislaus County Tree Farms
5406 Milnes Road
Modesto, 95357-1204
Stanislaus Website

Santa Paula Christmas Tree Farm
18540 E. Telegraph Road
Santa Paula, CA 93060
Santa Paula Website

Pine Tree Acres
690 Haverford Road
Ramona, CA 92065
Pine Tree Acres Website

North Woods Tree Farm
35099 Lenwood Way
Shingletown, CA 96088-9745
North Woods Website

Silveyville Tree Farm
6224 Silveyville Road
Dixon, CA 95620-9719
Silveryville Website


Please call and arrange an inspection of your current water source and your usage for us to make an estimate on a system that would work for your needs. 714-530-5700 or 888-438-3529.